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Dream 1:
This was a rather strange dream about my parents. They did not attack me, but it was strange. In my dream, they drove a VW Bully. Both had extremely long hair (unlike in real life.) My mom wore batik clothing and flowers in her hair. My father had a wooden guitar and both smoked cannabis. In the background, the song "Autobahn" from Kraftwerk was played. They didn't realize that they weren't on street anymore, but somehow landed in a river. And they didn't realize that the river ended in a huge waterfall.
My parents never took drugs and they had a VW Beetle and no Bully. But my father was always extremely proud of being a member of the "Alt 68er movement".

Dream 2:
This dream was completely disgusting. (And as a disclaimer, I don't understand why I had this dream. My dad was neither a rapist nor a necrophiliac. My father was an extremely conservatist, who would have been disgusted by that. I can't really explain why I had that dream.)
In the dream, it was a rainy, stormy night. I was in a car, together with my dad. My dad drove under a bridge. Suddenly, the car collided with another car. My dad looked what happened outside, and I left the car, too. In front of the other car, 2 corpses of dead women lied on the ground. Suddenly, my dad changed. He became extremely aggressive, ripped the clothing of that woman and tried to tear of her skin. Then, he saw me and told me to rape the other corpse. I refused to do that, but my dad then became angry at me and told me that he would severely punish me if I would not have sex with that corpse. I refused to do it, but after more threats, I started to cry and in the dream, I really started to have sex with that woman. Then, I woke up and was extremely confused and panicked.I tried to make sense out of that, but I could not do that. I was confused, disgusted, disturbed and scared by that nightmare. Of all nightmares I had, this was one of the most disgusting nightmares ever.

Dream 3:
This dream was also rather weird, but not as disgusting as the other dream. There, I went to university and searched for the office of my social worker. At first, I did not find it, but then, I learned that she had to move to another position. When I found her, she was in another office. To access the office, I had to walk through a very long, white tunnel. When I finally reached her, I did some smaller mistake and she began shouting at me. I was panicked and begged for forgiveness. But she did not stop, Instead, she behaved exactly like my mom treated me. I could not understand that and I was panicked. Then, I woke up

Dream 4:
Another disturbing dream. In my dream, I wanted to visit my social worker to beg for forgiveness. I knew, her office was relocated (this time, real life. I knew this was part of another dream, but this really happened last week.) To reach her new office, I had to run through a large cellar. The cellar was guarded by armed soldiers. I sneaked past them, but then, suddenly, an armed robot, ten times larger than myself stood in front of me. This robot was equipped with lots of batteries of rocket launchers, armed with small nukes. And I had no weapons except for my bare fists. Nevertheless, I was able to tear apart the robot piece by piece and destroy it. When the machine finally stopped, my social worker stood at the door and got angry at me. She shouted at me that I was too lazy and needed 3 minutes to destroy the robot. She said, she would only talk to me again, if I would train to be able to destroy the robot in under 2 minutes. And that was the reason why she refused to meet me for such a long time. She wanted to give me time to train. Because I needed so much time to kill the robot, she would never talk to me again.
Then, she left the room and left me lying on the floor. I had many wounds which lost lots of blood. Then, I woke up.

Dream 5
In that dream, someone told me that I had to find a mysterious tomb stone. This tomb stone is not old, but was erected just a few days ago. Nobody could tell me, who lies in this tomb, but it would be someone I know.
This grave would also emit radioactivity since a long time and this radioactivity would hurt me. If I would find the tombstone, I could stop the radiation.
But at the same time, If I would be able to find the grave, there would be no turn back. It would be the end of all of my hope. The finding of the grave could also result in becoming devoured by a space of absolute, infinite darkness.
Nevertheless, I tried to find that mysterious grave, but everytime I got close to the tomb, some accident happened and I lost trace of the grave. Then, I realized, I was the one causing the accidents. I was too afraid to learn who lies in that grave, that I tried to prevent myself from reaching it.
Then, I woke up.

Dream 6
In that nightmare, together with my social worker, I visited a festival at a museum near the cologne cathedral. Suddenly, I saw how a small spot of red light appeared on her forehead. I realized, this was a targeting laser of a gun, and so, I told her to run. She did it and I ran, too. Then, we got chased by a huge man dressed entirely black. Not even his eyes were visible. This man shot several times at her, but luckily, he always missed. But at the same time, this guy did not stop chasing her and also did not run out of ammo. He chased us through a giant area of cologne and suddenly, I felt a huge pain in my legs. I knew, this pain would prevent me from running away from that guy.
Then, I woke up.

Dream 7
In that dream, I saw a new neighbour went into the house on the other end of the street. I looked and I learned, it was my grandpa, although people told me that he died 2 months ago. I confronted him and he told me that this was just a trick, They needed to get rid of the house and they wanted to move closer to me to control me. Because of that, his housekeeper behaved so strange and lied to me. This was all a cover up. Then, my grandpa told me that he was finally able to control my existence and he would strip me of all my freedoms to complete what my father did and to finally turn me into a „good boy“.

Then, I woke up.
Nightmare Journal 5
another nightmare journal. This time, with some extremely disturbing nightmares, I had over the course of the last 6 months.


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Michael Kumpmann

Favourite genre of music: Classical,Techno, Trance, Cologne Carnival Songs, Soundtracks
Favourite style of art: Architecture, 3D graphic, Comic
Favourite cartoon character: Rei Ayanami,Mr.Burns,Satsuki Yatouji,Batman,Dagobert Duck,Professor X,Miyu,Seto Kaiba,Sephiroth etc.

I made a CGI movie out of my comic. You can watch the first part on youtube, now.

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