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A remake of my comic Dimensional Prophecy of Zohar. Because the old one wasn't really good, I reworked Story, Characters and Graphics. (Now, it's also a completely original story and no fanfic/fancomic anymore.)

In the remake, I also didn't censor anything which I had in my mind. (As in the old one.) Because of this and because the main idea was created when I was in a rather bad mood last year, it became really dark, bloody, gory and surreal. (And this is the plot which comes closest to most nightmares I had in my life. )

The Philosophy was a little bit reduced, but many parts of the existentialism of the plot stayed. (Mostly inspired by Albert Camus, Martin Heidegger and Jean Paul Sartre)

I worked on it arround one year. It's also my largest comic file ever. (I didn't use much compression because I thought in past, that harmed quality.) Because of this, I definitely recommend to download it.

The reworked Backstory:
Somewhere in the future. Humanity built cybernetic implants and started to colonize the solar system. But at the same time, Megacorporations gained power.

One day, due to some unknown phenomena, the Mars Settlement Grover's Mill became wiped out, leaving only a radioactive wasteland. Scientists researched that and discovered, the incident was caused by a kind of aliens.

The body of the aliens is only partly visible. They can appear everywhere and disappear as soon as they come and attack. When they come, they tend to kill everyone arround them and even if they don't kill anybody, they emit a strong magnetic field which kills everyone arround them.

Nobody can really understand these creatures and everyone who tries it is driven into madness. Nobody knows what they want or if they are really evil. Maybe, they are only stranded in the Solar System and don't really know, what they do. Maybe, they really want to help humanity, but accidently cause destruction and despair.

Some people believe, you may can communicate with the creatures to enable a peacefull solution. The Government considers the creatures to be a form of terrorism and uses the threat of this "terrorism" to take away more and more civil rights of the people to create a feeling of security, which is nevertheless only an illusion.

Strangely, the scientists also discovered that the creatures seem to be humans from a biological point of view. Nobody can explain that. Because these beings appear to be human, but nevertheless kill their "brothers", they have been named the Caine.

After that attack, more and more incidents happened. Humanity was absolutely defenseless against these abominations.

But one day, a scientist developed an algorithm based on principles of Psychohistory, which was able to predict the behavior of the caine. With the use of the algorithm, Humanity finally stood a chance to protect themselves, but later, the algorithm started to make false predictions. When the cause was searched, it was discovered that the Algorithm had a huge relative Error.

Because of that, a special investigation unit was formed consisting of the best mathematicians to improve the algorithm and investigate the caine incidents.

Now, a young lonely girl named Karala goes to Kyoto to become a possible new member of the organization, but the Caine allmost wait to appear and if they can't be stopped, to prevent a contamination, the World Government will destroy the complete city and everyone in it and turning everything into a Zone of Alienation.

So, the fate of a megacity might last on her shoulders. Will she be able to stand it? What might happen?

What are the Caine? What is humanity?

Special Thanks to my Supporters (Philosophical advisors etc.)
Users Joran Jakur Belar


Perhaps, some months later, I will release a censored, less gory version, but this version was also partly created to "try something out".

(edit: I guess you will have to download it anyway, because it seems the browser preview doesn't work.)
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crmk Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2012   Photographer
Thank you for this! I'm really excited to read it :)
tizioo Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2012
sorry my mistake,the link is good...
very nice work!!!
SSJKamui Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2012
Ah, OK. So, it works. Thanks for the praise.
tizioo Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2012
the download link doesn't work...also right clicking and saving destination,give only a broken pdf file...
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July 12, 2012
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